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Walter O Spitzer was an academic at McGill University in Canada, who worked as a contract consultant. He charged the Rockefeller University $1,800 a day (21 days between June 1987-Apr 1988 + retainers and report fees $6K) to head a Task Force which was to re-examine the findings of the US Surgeon-General's report. [2]

The project proposal for Rockefeller University had been drafted by Dr Frederick Seitz ..... ???

The McGill University ETS Symposium run by Philip Morris in November 1989 was set up partly to counter any adverse findings that Spitzer's Task Force may have found. HOWEVER: Don't confuse him with the anti-smoking Professor Carlton E Spitzer at Rockefeller University who had been the HEW director or public information.

The conference arrangements with McGill University were made through a tobacco industry consultant, Professor Donald Ecobichon, who was on the medical faculty. He had previously worked through the lawyers Covington & Burling for the tobacco industry.

Task Force Members

  • Professor Gerry B Hill (at $1,500/day)
  • Dr Valerie Lawrence (at $900/day)
  • two post-doctoral Fellows
  • three support staff/research assistants.