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This page is part of a list of Australian SLAPP suits and threatened law suits. It contains the references to SLAPPs in the state of Western Australia (or cases in the WA Division of the Federal Court). The full details of the list and the definitions used is at SLAPP's in Australia.


  • Lord McAlpine & Or v Robin Hannigan & Ors WA Supreme Court No. 2690 of 1989

A defamation suit against the editors and publishers of the Broome News over an article about the acquisition of a pastoral lease and tourist development.

  • Lord McAlpine & Or v The Wilderness Society WA Inc & Peter Robertson WA Supreme Court No.1134 of 1991

The Wilderness Society and its campaigner were sued for defamation over a media release about the Society refering a WA land deal to the Royal Commission into Commercial Activities of Government.

  • George Weston Foods Ltd vs Greenpeace Australia Supreme Court of Western Australia, Case No 1248 of 1993.

George Weston Foods sued Greenpeace Australia, and employee of Greenpeace and a third defendent for libel over a March 3, 1993 media release titled "Groups To Seek Meeting With Minister Over Wandalup Piggery". The case was settled out of court following an apology.

  • Canning Vale

The WA Environmental Defenders Office reported that a Canning Vale resident was sued for complaining to a local newspaper reporter about smells and dust cause by mulching operations. The case was dismissed when the developer indicated that it would not proceed with the case.

  • Walpole

The WA Environmental Defenders Office reported that a Walpole resident was sued after writing a letter to a local newspaper complaining about clearing of land by a developer.

  • Alan Bond & Anor v Paul Barry & Ors, Federal Court WAD 121/2007.

Entrepreneur Alan Bond and the Lesotho Diamond Corporation suing journalist Paul Barry and News Ltd for misleading and deceptive conduct over an article appearing in several News Ltd newspapers.[1] Like the David Jones case (Federal Court in NSW), this would appear to be another example of a corporation bi-passing the uniform defamation laws which prohibit corporations for suing for defamation.

Legal Threats

  • The WA Environment Defenders Office reported that in 1996/97 over 60 residents of Busselton were threatened with defamation proceedings after they signed a petition complaining that a particular development was not in keeping with the approval issued by the Shire.

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  • Environmental Defenders Office WA, "Defamation and Safe Speech", EDO News, Vol 4, No.1 1997.