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The Wildlife Trust Alliance (WTA) "is a growing international network of science-based conservation organizations and individual members dedicated to understanding the consequences of human activities on biodiversity, ecosystem function and health. The Alliance seeks to develop enduring solutions for a sustainable world." [1]

Former in January 2004, "The Alliance is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of one representative from each Alliance organization, plus two co-ordinators: Claudio Padua, science director of Brazil’s Institute for Ecological Research and Andrew Taber, Wildlife Trust’s Executive Vice President of Programs. The Alliance is convened by Mary Pearl, president of Wildlife Trust. Ms. Yolanda Kakabadse serves as Councillor to the Alliance. She is the former President of IUCN and former Minister of the Environment for Ecuador." [2]

Alliance Members

Accessed June 2009: [3]


  • MEXICO - Ing. Alida Madero
  • Dr. Hector Zepeda Lopez
  • ETHIOPIA/ERITREA - Dr.Patricia Moehlman is an internationally recognized conservation leader who has pioneered many important Afican conservation causes. She is the Chair of the IUCN/SSC Equid Specialist Group. She is well known for her work on jackals and is currently doing conservation work and research on the critically endangered African Wild Ass and other rare wild equids.
  • URUGUAY - Dr. Susana Gonzalez is a professor of cytogenetics at the Clemente Estable Institute of Biological Research in Montevideo, Uruguay and the head of the IUCN/SSC Deer Specialist Group. An authority on the Pampas deer, she is currently focused on the biology, genetics, and conservation medicine of South American cervids.

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