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William G. Conway

"Bill was born on November 20, 1929 in St. Louis, Missouri. He grew up collecting zoological specimens and began working at the St. Louis Zoo, first as a volunteer (herpetology, 1945-1946), then as a relief Keeper (mammalogy and ornithology, 1947-1948), and as a summer Assistant Guest Services Manager (1949-1950). He graduated from Washington University, St. Louis in 1951 with an A.B. degree in Zoology. Bill took over as Curator of Ornithology (1950-1956) and was later appointed Assistant to the Director (1954-1956). He consulted with the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado (1954-1955) before becoming that zoo's Assistant Director in 1956. In the fall of 1956, Bill went to work at the New York Zoological Park (now the Wildlife Conservation Park/Bronx Zoo) as an Associate Curator of Ornithology (1956-1958), and later became the Curator of Ornithology (1958-1966), Associate Director (1961-1962), Director (1962-1999), as well as General Director of NYZS/WCS (1966-1999). He also served as Wildlife Conservation Society President (1992-1999) and has served as the Society's Senior Conservationist since 1974 (his current role since retiring in 1999).

"As a member of AZA, Bill served on several committees, including: founding the Accreditation Committee (1973- 1979; Chair 1973-1976), IUCN Representative (1973, 1978), Study Committee (1974), Charter and Bylaws (1975, 1981), Animal Surplus (Chair 1978-1980, 1983), founding the SSP Committee (Chair 1981-1986), Wildlife Conservation and Management (1981), Special Funds (1983-1986), Exotic Ranch Animal Committee, CEF, Gorilla SSP, founding the Field Conservation Committee, and has served on the Board of Directors three terms (1961-1967, 1978-1981, 1990-1993). While President of the Association, Bill held a joint AZA-FIPZOO conference with the Latin American Zoos in Mexico City and resolutions were passed on the protection of endangered species and the role of zoos in these efforts. Bill also helped facilitate the independence of AZA from AIPE, a federal grant was received to develop a zookeeper training manual, an institutional identification code was adopted, and a list of AZA-approved animal dealers was considered.

"Bill has received many awards and honors, including AZA Outstanding Service Awards, President's Awards, and the R. Marlin Perkins Award (1986). He has also received the Conservation Medal of the San Diego Zoological Society (1979), WWF Commander of the Order of the Golden Ark (1983), Society for Conservation Biology Distinguished Achievement Award (1996), American Association of Museums Medal for Distinguished Service to Museums (1998), World Zoo Organization (IUDZG) Heini Hediger Award (1999), Audubon Medal (1999), and Wildlife Conservation Society Gold Medal (2000). Bill has received the Honorary Doctor of Science degree from St. Lawrence University (1979), Fordham University (1981), and Trinity University (1984). Since 1949, he has published over 250 articles and reports. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to conservation and science, The William Conway Chair for Conservation Science was established by AZA in 1999." [1]

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