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William M. Bourn, Ph.D. is the dean of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at Northeast Louisiana University, Monroe, Louisiana 71209-0400.


Dr. Bourne was trained as a chemical dependency counselor at Iowa Methodist Medical Center. Following his training he was hired as a staff counselor in the CD unit of Iowa Methodist. He also worked at the Afton Center for Behavioral Medicine as a adjunct staffed physiologist. The focus of the clinic was to treat patients in chronic pain. His responsibilities included the evaluation of patients narcotic medication use and potential dependency. (Source: Brown & Williamson's Initial Disclosure, State of Texas vs. ATC, et al., 6/5/96.)

As a teacher and lecturer, Dr. Bourn's academic involvement with addiction disorders assumes the fact that he created and continues to regulate and teach a course entitled "Pharmacodynamics of Substance Abuse." The course is taught to graduate students and it emphasizes the neurochemistry of the development and maintenance of addiction. He also developed lectures on addictive disorders that he delivers to state pharmacists through continuing education programs.

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