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William Potapchuk "is a nationally-recognized leader in the applications of collaborative processes and the development of collaborative partnerships to address urban public policy issues. President of the Community Building Institute, Potapchuk has advised state and federal agencies (including FNS) on the design and implementation of programs to catalyze and support collaboration in communities as well as advising communities across the country. Author of chapters in The Collaborative Leadership Fieldbook and the Consensus Building Handbook, Potapchuk is currently working on major projects for Washington, DC, Fairfax County (Virginia), and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Potapchuk earned his BA in Urban Studies from Case Western Reserve University, an MA in Political Science from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and is currently completing his dissertation in the conflict resolution program at George Mason University. " [1]

"otapchuk served for almost ten years as Executive Director of the Program for Community Problem Solving (PCPS), a partnership of the National League of Cities, International City/County Management Association, National Civic League, American Chamber of Commerce Executives and other national organizations. He also served as Associate Director of the Conflict Clinic, Inc. A native of Cleveland, Potapchuk received his BA in Urban Studies from Case Western Reserve University, his MA in Political Science from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, and his MS in Conflict Resolution from George Mason University. Potapchuk completed a nine-month, post-baccalaureate Public Affairs Fellowship with the Coro Foundation in 1983.

"Potapchuk is widely published. He has worked with co-authors on Learning from Neighborhoods: The Story of the Hampton Neighborhood Initiative, 1993-2003, Community Development: A Guide for Grantmakers on Fostering Better Outcomes through Good Process, Pulling Together: A Planning and Development Consensus Building Manual, Negotiated Approaches to Environmental Decision Making in Communities: An Exploration of Lessons Learned, and Building Community: Exploring the Role of Social Capital and Local Government; written numerous articles; and edited an issue of the National Civic Review focused on social capital. He has co-authored chapters for the Deliberative Democracy Handbook, Consensus Building Handbook and the Collaborative Leadership Fieldbook" [2]

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