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Retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William Scott Wallace "assumed command of V Corps on July 18, 2002. He commanded U.S. ground forces during the U.S. invasion of Iraq until June 14, 2003, when he left to become the commanding general of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. His replacement in Iraq was Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez." Also see remainder of the Wikipedia article on General Wallace.

"Wallace, who goes by his middle name, Scott, graduated from West Point in 1969 and then the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College and the Naval War College before earning postgraduate degrees in operations analysis and international relations.

"Wallace progressed from soldier to student to trainer and commander. By June 1999, he was serving as commander of the Joint Warfighting Center and director of joint training at the U.S. Joint Forces Command in Norfolk, Va." [1]

War in Iraq

  • "'The plan is to be decisive, rapid, lethal and to give our adversary no edge he can take advantage of,' Wallace, commander of the ground battle in Iraq, was quoted as saying earlier this month.
"After a week of war, Wallace, the Vietnam veteran used to tough talk, upset the White House on Thursday by saying publicly that Pentagon strategists had misunderstood the combativeness of Iraqi fighters. The miscalculation, he said, had stalled the coalition's drive toward Baghdad.
"'The enemy we're fighting against is different from the one we'd war-gamed against,' said Wallace, commander of V Corps. 'We knew they were here, but we did not know how they would fight.'" March 29, 2003, The State (South Carolina)

See Operation Iraqi Freedom: Military and Political Dissent.