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William J. Spencer is the Managing Director of the Rocky Mountain Leadership Institute.

"Will Spencer is an expert in facilitating and managing change and has for more than thirty years been a consultant to premier businesses who sought his insights on strategic planning, team building, problem solving and leadership development issues. Additionally, he is a well known mediator and advocate for peace. He has been part of peace negotiations in numerous civil war situations including the Sudan and Ethiopia and Eritrea. He directed the National Peace Academy Campaign and the Federal Commission that resulted in the creation of the United States Institute of Peace.

"Working with foundations, public policy centers and disputants, he has provided third-party assistance, expert analysis and strategy advice to bring about the peaceful resolution of international and intra-national conflict." [1]

"Mr. Spencer is the managing director of Pangaea International, Inc., an evolving transnational network of leaders and organizations concerned with conflict resolution, economic cooperation, and other aspects of social change. Pangaea provides consulting advice to businesses and international organizations. For ten years he was managing partner of Interaction Associates, a management consulting and training firm. He previously served as staff director of the federal commission that developed legislation resulting in the creation of the United States Institute of Peace. For three years he was executive director of the National Peace Academy Campaign." [2]

"He is most recognized for his work leading to the creation of new institutions such as the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) and the International Negotiation Network, based at the Carter Center of Emory University." [3]

He was formerly married to Connie Grice (now deceased). [4]

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