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The Workforce Freedom Initiative (WFI) is a project of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce focused on fighting union organizing in the workplace. WFI's website describes its goals as "to preserve democracy in the American workplace, restrain abusive union pension fund activism, and block the anti-competitive agenda advocated by many labor unions."[1]

WFI tracks the activities and decisions of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) as well as union organizing efforts and union strategies. For example, in 2013 it issued reports on "The Emerging Role of Worker Centers in Union Organizing," "A Survey of Social Media Issues Before the NLRB," and on unions' involvement in minimum wage campaigns.[2]

Ties to the Koch Brothers

WFI Executive Director Glenn Spencer formerly worked for the Koch brothers-founded and -funded Citizens for a Sound Economy.[3]

Issues, News, and Controversies


As of September 2014:[4]


Address: Workforce Freedom Initiative
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
1615 H Street NW
Washington, DC 20062
Phone: 202-659-6000


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