World Institute for Scientology Enterprises

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The World Institute for Scientology Enterprises (WISE) promotes the management methodology of L. Ron Hubbard through a variety of ways, including books, consulting work, and a number of business management colleges.

"Today, L. Ron Hubbard’s management principles have reached more than 140,000 companies and corporations in 75 countries. There are 25 Hubbard Colleges of Administration and more than 150 Hubbard management consultants and consulting groups delivering Hubbard management technology services. All provide business people with solutions to productivity and prosperity, which raise the quality of life and inject a higher degree of sanity into as many lives as possible."[1]

Affiliated Businesses

  • Earthlink[2]
  • Executive Software International
  • Mountainview Physical Therapy
  • Atkinson-Baker Court-Reporting, Inc.
  • The Dohring Company
  • Altavox
  • Clearprint
  • Harlingen Family Dentistry
  • Continental Design Company
  • MGE Inc.
  • Fidelity Creditor Service, Inc.
  • Mission Renaissance
  • Mr. Jim's Pizza


Contact Info

6331 Hollywood Blvd., Ste. 701
Los Angeles, CA 90028, U.S.A.
Tel +1 (323) 960-3540
Fax +1 (323) 960-3549