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World Research Library "was founded in 1978 and provides a physical repository for books, periodicals and research papers relating to globalization and its principal proponents. Secondarily, WRL makes these resources available to researchers, writers, journalists , legislators and educators to enable them in their understanding and studies of globalization and its varous effects." [1]

"World Research Library was founded by Patrick Wood in 1979 to contain the collection of works created by Wood and Antony C. Sutton. Wood and Sutton co-authored Trilaterals Over Washington Volumes I and II, and edited The Trilateral Observer, a monthly newsletter and critique of the Trilateral Commission and its envisioned "New International Economic Order."" [2]

In 2005, the World Research Library announced the appointment of Carl Teichrib to the position of Senior Fellow. [3]


PO Box 1309 Rathdrum, ID 83858

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