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"The World Wisdom Alliance (WWA) is a new community of like-minded groups, organizations, and individuals actively addressing our shared societal and environmental challenges and opportunities, both global and local. The WWA was launched in Toronto on July 28, 2006 with the support of The Club of Budapest Canada in association with the World Wisdom Council (WWC).

"The WWA's core concepts are: Consciousness > Connection > Communication > Collaboration. A multi-faceted Web presence is currently being designed that will allow community members — through communication, dialogue, and collaborative action — to deal more effectively with those challenges and opportunities than each could in isolation. The main Communication Centre is being established in Toronto, Canada under the auspices of The Club of Budapest Canada. For the latest information on implementation of the WWA Web site, check


  • 4 June 2007 Message on WWA Status from Club of Budapest Canada President David Woolfson.
  • World Wisdom Alliance A statement about the status of the WWA made in late December 2006 by Club of Budapest Canada President David Woolfson.
  • Elisabet Sahtouris's comments at the WWA launch. Elisabet Sahtouris is a member of the World Wisdom Council, an evolutionary biologist, futurist, UN consultant, and author of EarthDance and several other books.
  • Audrey Kitagawa's comments at the WWA launch. Audrey Kitagawa is a member of the World Wisdom Council, member of many advisory boards, and author of articles on spirituality, global security, and globalization.
  • A New Dream for Earth. Alan Nordstrom attended the WWA launch, and wrote this essay that appeared in the August 11, 2006 Orlando Sentinel. [1]

"The focus of the World Wisdom Alliance communications network is to catalyze action on the most critical global issues in a way that synergizes the wisdom of leading world experts with local activists who are making a difference, and simultaneously, through the World Wide Web, to inspire a widespread creative focus of energy and activities. The mechanism is a new, web-based ‘internet community’.

"This ‘wisdom community’ will feature a new type of hybrid Website which will present four dimensions of new media-experience; communication, multi-perspective video, web-linked networking and issue content (meta-knowledge). The new communication network will interconnect ‘global issues’ experts with many ‘global citizens’ at any distance, to interested groups (and schools) and, through an interactive Web portal, to all other interested individuals wherever they are.

"The Web portal will further give access to background and archival materials and have virtual spaces for discussion, expression and creative interactivity. The intention is to shift the best ideas and research into necessary actions and practices.

"New methodologies, extending the ideas and work of the Toronto School of Communication (McLuhan, Innis, Havelock, Carpenter, et al), which allow a synthesis of new modes of awareness, new forms of organization and new types of presentation and experience, will be integrated into the website and communication network." [1]

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