Zimbabwe Human Rights Association

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Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (Zimrights) "is an indigenous non-profit making Non Governmental Organisation registered under the Welfare Organisations Act, No. W.O. 03/93. The Association was founded in 1992 and can be described as a network of human rights activists, most of them grass roots based. ZimRights had a membership of over 15 000 people by the end of 1998. ZimRights’ key goal is to make the subject of human rights a household issue and a concern of all Zimbabweans." [1]

Prior to 1999, Reginald Matchaba Hove was the chairman of Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights). [2]

In 1997, Zimrights received 10,000 pounds from the Westminster Foundation for Democracy "To fund Zimrights, a Zimbabwean human rights organisation, to publish six issues of their bi-monthly newsletter, which will provide information about current human rights issues and concerns, to approximately 5,000 of its members and networking partners, for one year from January 1997. " The following year they received a further 3,000 pounds "To provide funding to Zimrights, the main human rights organisation in Zimbabwe, as part of a contribution to their fund to purchase offices in Harare, to strengthen their capacity and extend their activities, and to reduce their dependency on donors in the future."

In 2004, Zimrights received US$40,000 from the NED "To promote the spirit of non-violence, tolerance and democratic principles among youth. ZimRights will conduct research on conflict and related issues; host youth workshops and conflict resolution trainings in Harare province; organize peace marches and strengthen the network of youth organizations which will campaign against youth violence and promote tolerance and respect for divergent views." [3]